Apple Tree Prep's Athens, Bogart, and Covington daycare centers provide an early childhood program designed to enhance your child's learning experience in a fun and educational environment. Our children's programs include music, drama, arts, language, fine arts, early literacy, and extracurricular activities such as dance, music, foreign language and movement. You will find a physical environment designed to challenge children to explore and learn in a secure, inviting setting. You will find each room designed to go far beyond meeting a child's basic needs, maturing their imagination and arousing their curiosity. The outdoor environment is designed for fun and recreation and provides fresh air and extends learning in an outdoor classroom environment.


INFANTS: Nurturing, snuggling, and loving! Our staff takes extra care to help make the transition back to work as easy as possible for both baby and family. You will find a safe, secure environment for your infant that leaves you with the peace of mind you need. Babies are provided with personal space for rest and individual attention and play spaces with attractive manipulatives that promote fine motor development. Our infants are offered a variety of experiences to meet their rapidly changing social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. Our highly trained staff use our research based curriculum to create educational experiences that promote emerging skills while building a bond of trust through love and attention. The curriculum wraps stimulating activities within the routines of the day, giving your little one a firm foundation for learning.

TODDLERS: Moving, bouncing, climbing, tumbling...toddlers are on the go! Our environment encourages the on-the-move toddler to engage and explore, climb a soft structure, push a stroller or cart, build a tower, and then retreat to a soft lap for an encouraging hug or comforting story. The toddlers find a balance of open space for moving and waddling in addition to areas designed to attract their attention to language, critical-thinking, balancing, sorting, creating, and learning through sensory exploration. The toddler curriculum builds upon the infant program, adding activity centers where children can move, build, read and create. Our activities encourage growth and development of language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional skills. 

TWOS: Independent, and energetic! In their quest for independence, two year olds move, explore, challenge, test, and conquer! This classroom environment is staged for the transition between toddler and preschool, with learning centers that encourage exploration, climbers that stimulate development of large motor skills, and materials that engage children in hands on exploration. Our teachers continue to promote independence,and self-help skills such as learning to use the restroom, re-dress themselves, and wash their hands independently.

THREES: Exploring, growing, creating...Our three year old curriculum involves a balance of fun, educational challenge, and nurturing care. The classroom equipment is designed to capture your child's interest and engage them in exploration that encourages critical-thinking skills. In addition, you will find nurturing staff that understand the need for individual attention, hugs, and love while recognizing that children grow, develop and learn at their own pace. Our teachers design their activities around the interests of the children while integrating skills that will help prepare the children for Pre-K.   ​

FOURS-STATE FUNDED PRE-K: Investigating, creating, interacting...Our state-funded Pre-K program provides learning experiences that set the stage for academic success and lifelong problem-solving skills in an environment that attracts and engages the children. In line with the latest research that all children grow, develop, and learn at their own pace, our curriculum is built to challenge without creating frustration, thus providing success that instills the lifelong love for learning. Our certified teachers work very hard to prepare the children for Kindergarten through early-reading activities, developing early math skills, practicing team work skills, participating in science experiments, and working on penmanship.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Our afterschool program offers a relaxing end to a long day in a structured environment. Our school-age children are given the opportunity to complete their homework, enjoy a nutritious snack, and build on skills they are developing in school.  They will enjoy a laid-back atmosphere where they can engage in recreational play, socialization, or educational games and activities. Our school-age program provides access to materials and equipment designed to meet their needs after a full day of school. Both our Bogart and Covington locations provide bus service from local elementary schools.

SUMMER CAMPS: Apple Tree Prep offers summer camp programs when schools are out for the summer. Please contact the center for more information on our camp programs.



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