School is at home for the remainder of the year and Apple Tree is temporarily closed due to COVID-19!   WHAT DO WE DO?! 


Don't worry! Here, we've shared some of our favorite resources to support at-home learning for your child's learning growth and development.  Dance parties working both fine and gross motor muscles, virtual field trips to enhance visual and auditory exploration, digital story time for a fun spin on some of the classics, and a variety of activities that don't require screen time will allow consistency and structure to your child's day while at home.  We suggest making a schedule for your child and doing the same type of activity at the same time each day.  Providing this consistency for your child will allow them to feel safe in a time where so much is unfamiliar, and it will make working at home for you as parents easier to balance.  



*** Children are growing up in a digital world these days which is unavoidable.  When done correctly, technology can be used to enhance a child's learning experience as opposed to becoming a tool for distraction.  In this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics, you will find tips for creating a healthy balance for using technology in your household. 


At-Home Learning Resources: