Hello ATP Families!



November 17th, 2020


We hope you are all staying safe and well during this time.  While we have made the decision to reopen our centers, we will continue to diligently monitor our local, state, and national news for updates on COVID-19 as they develop and will make decisions in the best interest of our teachers, staff, and families we serve.

 Please continue to check your email, our social media pages, and the app (if applicable at your center) for updates on what is occurring at the centers! We’ll still share some great at-home learning activities for those that haven’t returned to school yet.


Apple Tree Prep is open, but I’m not ready to send my child back to school. If I choose not to send my child, is tuition still due?             

              Yes, as long as the center remains open, your children are enrolled in our program and tuition payments are due. Unless you choose to                        withdraw your child, tuition will be due to hold their place. If you choose to withdraw your child, Apple Tree Prep will not guarantee                             that your space will be available when you are ready to return.

What temperature determines if a child would be sent home or not allowed to attend Apple Tree Prep?

             100.4 degrees Farenheit

If my child is sent home with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, when can they return?
             Children sent home running a fever will not be permitted to return for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure no other symptoms arise.   

            Children must be fever free, WITHOUT medication, for 72 hours before returning to school. 

Are additional rules and regulations going to be put into place to combat the spread of COVID19?
            Yes,  Apple Tree has amended several policies to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Please review the following                          protocol:

  • Restricted access to parents, volunteers, and visitors. Only children and staff will be permitted to enter the building unless otherwise approved by Administration.
  • Children and staff will undergo daily health screenings upon arrival to the center.
  • Management staff has been and will continue to complete professional learning webinars and training courses to make sure we have the most current information available for navigating this unprecedented situation.
  • All staff members will receive training on CDC requirements and enhanced cleaning procedures. Training on “best practice” development and recommendations will continue for all employees of Apple Tree Prep as information is received.
  • Only one class will be permitted on the playground at a time. Playgrounds will be sanitized in between classes with a bleach water solution.
  • All soft toys and dress up clothes will not be out at this time. Any toy items that are mouthed by children will immediately be removed and placed in a disinfectant solution to soak.
  • Sanitizing of frequently-touched surfaces will take place multiple times throughout the day.​

What actions will you if someone at your center tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19?           

           We will immediately consult our local Health Department and act according to their recommendations. The degree of exposure plays a                     significant role in determining a full facility shut down or a contained shut down of one area.